Day Camps


Spring Break Day Camp 2020


During Spring Break Day Camps, Langley Sportsplex will ensure that your children have an activity-filled day in our facility. Sample activities include:  ice skating, board games, outside play, crafts, movies, indoor playtime at Captain Kid’s Fun Centre.

Time: 7:30 AM – 5:30 PM

Week 1 Barcode Week 2 Barcode
Monday, March 16th #6765 Monday, March 23rd #6770
Tuesday, March 17th #6766 Tuesday, March 24th #6771
Wednesday, March 18th #6767 Wednesday, March 25th #6772
Thursday, March 19th #6768 Thursday, March 26th #6773
Friday, March 20th #6769 Friday, March 27th #6774

Prices:(Taxes included)

Mondays $42.00
Tuesdays $49.00 (Movie at Cineplex)
Wednesdays $42.00
Thursdays $46.00 (Boston Pizza Tour)
Fridays $44.80 (Swimming at Walnut Grove Pool)


  • We accept children from ages 5-12 years old
  • Langley Sportsplex reserves the right to cancel day camps if less than 10 children enrolls.
  • In event that Langley Sportsplex cancels the day camp, we will provide at least five (5) days notice. (Book early to avoid disappointment!)
  • Appropriate clothing & equipment is required for the different activities.
  • *Extra $10 same day registration*
  • -Any cancellations within 7 days’ notice will be reviewed in terms of eligible credit on account.
  • *No same day cancellation credits available.*
  • – Late pick up fee to be paid to the employee at time of pickup (cash only/ $1 per minute)
  • – Skate rentals $3.50 & Helmet rentals $2.50
  • *No skating on Tuesdays and Fridays.*
  • – You can bring your own skates, helmets, & hockey stick if applicable.
  • -Bring a lunch (everyday), snacks, a labelled waterbottle, and clothes for skating
    (including socks & gloves.)
  • To order lunch from the Offside Café please call Vikki& Sung at 604-882-1611 ext. 702

To Register:

Call: 604-882-1611 ext. 701 (or press 0)



Summer Day Camp 2020

Please be advised that all summer day camps are cancelled

due to Covid-19 for this year. 


Please be advised that our Summer Daycamp will be available for 8 weeks, July 6th – August 28th, with no daycamp available on Monday, August 3rd.
More details to be released with our flyer. The Sportsplex Day Camp provides children aged 5 – 12 with a fun, creative and safe environment during time off from school. Running July through August, the Summer Day Camp includes unique activities every weekday, including trips to the movie theatre, Boston Pizza, swimming at the Walnut Grove Community Center and skating on our ice rinks. The children get to participate in activities such as arts and crafts, games outside at a neighboring park and free-time at Captain Kids’ indoor playground. Our instructors help to ensure an atmosphere that is engaging and keeps the children entertained all summer long! Please be advised that our Summer Daycamp will be available for 8 weeks, July 6th – August 28th, with no daycamp available on Monday, August 3rd. More details to be released with our flyer.

Time: 7:30 AM – 5:30 PM   Ages: 5–7 8-12
Week 1 (July 6th – 10th): M #6966 Tu #6967 Wed #6968 Th #6969 F #6971 #6970
Week 2 (July 13th – 17th): M #6985 Tu #6986 Wed #6987 Th #6988 F #6990 #6989
Week 3 (July 20th – 24th): M #6991 Tu #6992 Wed #6993 Th #6994 F #6996 #6995
Week 4 (July 27th – 31st): M #6997 Tu #6998 Wed #6999 Th #7000 F #7002 #7001
Week 5 (August 4th – 7th):   Tu #7004 Wed #7005 Th #7006 F #7010 #7007
Week 6 (August 10th – 14th): M #7011 Tu #7012 Wed #7013 Th #7014 F #7016 #7015
Week 7 (August 17th – 21st): M #7017 Tu #7018 Wed #7019 Th #7020 F #7022 #7021
Week 8 (August 24th – 28th): M #7023 Tu #7024 Wed #7025 Th #7026 F #7028 #7027
Week 9 (Aug31st – Sept4th): M #7218 Tu #7219 Wed #7220 Th #7221 F #7223 #7222

Prices (Tax included)

Monday – $42.00 – Skating

Tuesday – $49.00 – Movie at Cineplex Langley

Wednesday – $42.00 – Skating

Thursday – $47.00 – Boston Pizza Tour & Skating

Friday – $44.80 – Swimming at Walnut Grove Community Center

General Information:

•             The camp hours are 7:30AM – 5:30PM. You may drop off any time after 7:30AM & must pick up by 5:30PM. Please note that if you are later than 5:30PM additional charges of $1.00/minute apply. This is to be paid in cash only, directly to the staff member working.

•             Skating equipment – Skates, helmet & gloves. We recommend a hockey helmet with a cage. Children may bring a hockey stick – it is required to have a full hockey helmet with cage & hockey gloves to play (1 end of the ice is coned off for a game, using a tennis ball, no pucks).

If your child requires rentals, this will be an additional fee & you can register for rentals at the Front Desk ($2.50 – Helmets, $3.50 – Skates).

•             No Skating on Tuesdays (movie day) & Fridays (swimming day).

•             Bring a Lunch (Thursdays as well), snacks, hat, sunscreen, running shoes, socks, a labelled water bottle, appropriate clothing and warm clothes for skating.

•             All withdrawals are subject to a 5% administration withdrawal fee.

•             Registration cancellations must be made a minimum of 7 days’ notice to be eligible for refunds. Any cancellations under 7 days’ notice will be reviewed in terms of being eligible for a credit on account.

•             No refunds or credits are available for same day cancellations.

•             Same day registrations are an additional $10.00 fee.

•             A detailed information package will be provided at the time of registration.

(If you do not receive this, please let the Sportsplex Admin team know and we will ensure you receive a copy.)

Lunches are available to order from the Offside Café

For lunch inquiries please call Vikki & Sung at 604-882-1611 Ext. 702

To Register: Call: 604-882-1611 Ext. 701 or