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Live Barn is live at Langley Sportsplex

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Langley Girls Hockey-Try it for free day!

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Daycare beyond compare

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Now including lunch and snacks as well as the Sportsplus program. The Sportsplex offers Daycare with a unique twist. Your children can learn how to skate and learn how to play hockey as well as a host of other sports at Sportsplex Daycare. The Sportsplex is a unique opportunity for children to stay active in our indoor and outdoor  playground and get a head start on an active life. Studies have shown that active children focus better when it comes time to learn and we have had great succes with having fun, being active and learning. Get all of your preschool, sports, dance, music, art and fun activities all in one place so you can pick up and go home and enjoy family time. Go to www.sportsplexdaycare.com for more exciting information.

Happyland Infant Toddler for those children that are between ages 1-3 http://www.happylandlearningcentre.ca/


Sign up now for learn to skate and hockey lessons

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